LPainting. The name of the website comes from my name Liverios and my favourite painting. I prefer landscapes in oil, without this excluding other styles with which I experiment. When I paint I dream awake and time passes without realizing it, as if I fell asleep and woke up, but sweetly ... tired.

I do not know if I am an artist or just a craftsman who follows some rules, but so far I have given most of my works to friends.

And as Van Gogh said, I dream that I paint and then I paint what I dream. I am a retiree of many things, and I live in a beautiful seaside village of Kefalonia, Lourdata.

Painting had won me over since I was a small child, when in elementary school, I painted cowboys and Indians in action on the desk. From then on, in parallel with my job - an army officer and then a journalist - I attended painting seminars, read and learned techniques and applied them to the canvas. In short, I am self-taught.


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